"Jammin's Daylily Garden"

Welcome to Jammin's Daylily Garden Owner's  Hybridizers Ben, Amanda, Mark & June Singletary. We have been growing daylilies for about 13 years now, and what started out as a hobby has truly become an obsession. We love it and we really have become Daylily Addicts.  Each year we can't wait until Spring comes around to see our new babies. We have abut 500+ cultivars. Jammin's has 72 Introductions so far, with many more seedlings we are growing off now for future for 2020 Introductions.  We are located in South Georgia about 35-40miles from I-75, and 50 miles from Florida state line.     


Minimum Order required of $50 

****Orders may be placed by emailing us at****



Bonnie Steinriede 20.12.2019 20:48

Do you ship to Alaska? Would your daylilies do well in a Zone 3, which is what we have in Eagle River? Thank you, Bonnie

Keeble Laura Carson 16.05.2019 22:11

June, I sent you an email about some of the daylilies I bought from you last year.

Glenda Ketterman 29.03.2019 01:19

I just placed the order again. If you don't receive it let me know. It's coming from AOL. For some reason it may have placed it in your spam folder.

June Singletary 28.03.2019 10:26

TO place an order send to junemark@windstream.net, so we can track and have your email address for communication.

Glenda Ketterman 28.03.2019 02:39

OK how do I go about ordering those 2. If you email an invoice to my email I will send the payment and send my address. TIA Glenda Ketterman

June Singletary 26.03.2019 23:53

Hi Glenda, Not sure if we received the email, I can't locate your name in outlook addresses. June

Glenda Ketterman 26.03.2019 14:35

About 10 days ago, I sent an email requesting Miss Scarlett and Possum in a D Cup. I haven't received any communication about the order. Please advise.

JUNE SINGLETARY 26.03.2019 02:07


Sandra Lockhart 25.03.2019 13:21

How much is your shipping charge four 50 dollars worth of plants?

Eduardo De La Cruz 24.08.2018 08:39

If I place my order today, when are you shipping the plants?

Kathy 20.05.2018 12:18

Thanks for the huge, healthy plants!!! The bonus plant is greatly appreciated!

June Singletary 08.04.2018 23:08

So sorry we do not at this time, June

Russ McGregor 08.04.2018 18:09

Do you ship to Canada?

JUne Singletary 11.03.2018 12:50

So sorry we do not ship internationally at this time Thank you June

Mette Gregersen 10.03.2018 17:46

do you sell to Danmark - in Scandinavia?

kindly Mette

June SIngletary 13.01.2018 02:07

It is located under the 2012 Jammin's DF $75

Karen 12.01.2018 21:17

Looking for price on Jammins diamond in the sky

June Singletary 23.01.2017 23:52

So sorry we only have the website, thanks june

Susan Drushel 23.01.2017 22:53

Do you have a mail order catalog

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Latest comments

26.06 | 18:30

Are visitors allowed to walk your gardens? I have a daylily farm and would like to discuss with you what guided your decision to close. Thanks, Dixie

24.03 | 21:15

can i come there and buy some? Or are you closed fr that too?

21.03 | 22:34

I was tapping on the question asking if you ship to Canada? I have your Magnolia Belle and Thunder and White Lightning here in Ontario Canada. Do you?

06.03 | 11:10

How much is this one??