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Very first daylily bed Mark built in May 2010...

As daylily lovers you know one bed would not be enough, so here is the second one...

then came the 4th bed...its an addiction....

the daylilies are growing so fast may need more beds...

then there was 6 beds...

and then we went to 8 beds for our hybridizing...

The addiction continues with 8 beds now...

we then placed a shade cloth for our hybridzing program...

we had great sucess in our hybridzing (so many seeds) we needed more beds for the seedlings (9th & 10th beds).....

the new beds...take alot of pinebark and alot of hard work....

new seedlings planted and growing well..... we are so proud...

Future Intro

Future Intro's .....Singletary Seedling

Future Intro's.... Singletary Seedling

Future Intro's.... Singletary Seedling

Future Intro's ....Singletary Seedling

Future Intro's .....Singletary Seedling

Future Intro's .....Singletary Seedling

Future Intro's .....Singletary Seedling

Future Jammin's Intro's

Jammin's Seedling

Future Jammin's Intro

Ben a great photographer.....and nini's baby boy!

This is one of our best helpers...Amanda she can trim, wash, and ship with the best of us. Love you Baby Girl

The Garden's name sake Benjamin (Ben) he has been called "Jammin" since birth... he also has been hybridizing for the past few years...and loves to hybridize daylilies. He is also a member of the AHS with plans to introduce his own introductions in the near future. LOVE THIS YOUNG MAN!

Amanda, & June......Amanda's Graduation Night 2013 ...One Very Proud Mama this Night!

Mark and Amanda Graduation Night.... Very Proud Dad!

Ben "Jammin" the name behind the business, Ben is hybridizing his own future intro's.

Ben's drawings just amaze me.....this is one he did for the Rehab Unit he volunteered the summer at our local hospital......Talent is all I have to say.

The 3 joys in my Life Camo, Ben and Amanda Christmas 2015

The Singletary's Camo, Ben, Amanda,.... Merry Christmas 2015

2015 Merry Christmas The Singletary's Camo, Ben, Amanda, Mark & June

Future Jammin's Intro

Future Jammin's Intro

Future Jammin's Intro

Future Jammin's Intro

These are some pictures of our family building daylily beds from the begining, future introductions, and family pictures.... hope you enjoy! 

June Singletary 16.02.2018 11:37

GO to the Intro's or A-Z cultivars page scroll over the pictures or click on them and the price shows up or can start the slide show. verbiage is below the pic.

Nancy Cunningham 16.02.2018 09:57

Where are the prices of the daylilies

Sheila 07.11.2016 16:28

Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world, you've a lovely family and your knack for hybridizing is obvious in your gorgeous seedlings & introductions!

Mian Zafar Iqbal 19.06.2016 14:45

Are you selling Seeds

Myrna Eicholtz 22.05.2016 13:20

Where is the pricing ? Have found the shipping costs.

June Singletary 22.05.2016 13:27

Pricing is below each photo under the Jammin's Intros and cultivars page Thank you for viewing June

Sandy Nall 18.01.2015 21:49


June 18.01.2015 23:21

Thank You Sandy

Chris 02.01.2013 21:12

Your website has it all. Very nicely done. Love the photo album.

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26.06 | 18:30

Are visitors allowed to walk your gardens? I have a daylily farm and would like to discuss with you what guided your decision to close. Thanks, Dixie

24.03 | 21:15

can i come there and buy some? Or are you closed fr that too?

21.03 | 22:34

I was tapping on the question asking if you ship to Canada? I have your Magnolia Belle and Thunder and White Lightning here in Ontario Canada. Do you?

06.03 | 11:10

How much is this one??