Jammin's Daylily Garden

After careful consideration we have decided to close Jammin's Daylily Garden until further notice. We may reopen in years to come. We have decided to spend more time with our family.  We would like to thank all our customers for the support we have received in the past. Jammin's Website will remain up, but we will not be taking orders at this time.

Cotton, Ben, Amanda, Guy, Mark and June


SOLD OUT 2020 Spring Introduction "Jammin's Happy New Year” (B. Singletary) Scroll down to see photos
Our Grandson Cotton Beau in Jammin's Daylily Garden
Our Family "Jammin's Crew" Cotton Beau, Ben Jammin, Amanda, Guy, Mark & June see ya'll soon.


 Jammin's Daylily Garden is proud to announce that our 2020 Jammin's introductions are available now please send email for orders.

 *****To see prices scroll over the photos under Jammin's cultivars and other cultivars menus.


 Orders can be placed this Fall 2020, for 2021 Spring shipping via email only, due to we work full-time jobs. 

Jammin's Daylily Garden will be open mid April-June 2021.😀🤩😉

 JAMMIN'S IS OPEN 8-12pm Saturday and Sunday. 🙂😉😀

See General Inform/Shipping page for more ordering information!

Minimum Order required of $50 

Please Email us at the email address below for all orders.... 






NOTE: If you would like to place an order you will need to email at the email address above : Email orders are needed, so we have tracking information for your order. 

Orders: Must be placed by email for tracking purposes, we will get back with you via email concerning availability of daylilies you have choosen.  We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Checks or Money Orders just let us know your preference. 


Spring Shipping starts when weather permits, around March to April, Fall Shipping begins around Sept. 2021 when weather permits, so get your orders in soon!

We are still in winter until mid- March!

Please if you need earlier shipping date please ask before ordering.


Jammin's Daylily Garden hybridizing beds
2014 Jammin's Daylily Garden
2020 "Jammin's Cotton Beau Vickers" (Singletary, A.)
2020 "Jammin's Halloween Hoot" (M. Singletary)
2020 "Jammin's French Pearl" (A. Singletary)
2020 "Jammin's Cupid's Heart" (J. Singletary)
2017 "Jammin's Misty Midnight" Shaded Clump Shot! (B. Singletary)
Jammin's Muy Bonita Flor (Singletary, B. 2018)
2017 Jammin's Major Impact M. Singletary

Welcome to Jammin's Daylily Garden


Jammin's Daylily Garden

Ben, Amanda, Mark & June Singletary


junemark@windstream.net 🙂



SCROLL DOWN for more Information and photos..... 😉

Jammin's Daylily Garden
Cotton,Ben Amanda, Guy, Mark June
2018 Jammin's Bubble Bath
Jammin's Daylily Garden We Ship Very Healthy Large Plants, So You Get Your Moneys Worth!

 This is feedback from a customer in April 2016,


THANK YOU!  I received my order yesterday and the plants look 
superb. Given that we're due for a bit of cold weather on Saturday, I've decided to hold them out of the permanent bed for a few more days, and probably will plant on Sunday.  But that gives me a bit of time to hydrate them after the shipping, etc.

Every year I try to reduce the number 
of sellers that I buy from and this 
year I was able to get it down to just 
three.  But based on the quality and 
size of your plants, I'm thinking that 
next year, I might just be able to 
reduce to one!  ❤😋🙃👍😀



Lilyauction.com, comments from buyers......... 


Samson (2465 Sun Nov 19 07:28:27 2017 cultivarsgnew1505078929 S
Praise:Always an Amazing seller. Always, excceds expectations. Beautiful plants!
Left by Date Feedback Left Item# S/B
Dlily54 (671 Wed Apr 17 17:58:30 2019 cultivarseover201541359536 S
Praise:Received my winners today in excellent condition...a fantastic bonus dl...wonderful
Dlily54 (671 Wed Apr 17 17:58:30 2019 cultivarseover201552856918 S
Praise:Received my winners today in excellent condition...a fantastic bonus dl...wonderful
Yellowbird (455 Tue Apr 9 17:58:10 2019 cultivarseover201542564696 S
Praise:Yellowbird received the biggest healthiest fans I have ever gotten from anyone on auction
Goober (402 Fri Oct 5 10:17:22 2018 seedlings11535409931 S
Praise:WOW! The seedling clumps were huge! Thanks for the other extra fans, June!! A++++ Seller!
Sandyp60 (2634 Wed Sep 19 07:40:44 2018 seedlings11535409683 S
Praise:Hot dang! Best value I ever got. Stunned by the number of fans. Superb.Shoulda bought more
Foxhole (84 Sat Sep 15 10:51:47 2018 seedlings11535409900 S
Praise:Your the Best! Very Large Clump!!! Thanks so much for the gift! Can't wait to buy from you
Foxhole (84 Sat Sep 15 10:49:36 2018 seedlings11535409719 S
Praise:Incredible Clump! - Thanks so much for the gift - Very Nice!!! 5 Star Seller!!!
Lynnsdeals (840 Thu Sep 13 07:31:39 2018 cultivarsgnew1510521045 S
Praise:Lynnsdeals - Highly recommend! Always sends beautiful plants that do well. Thanks.
Trianne (621 Sat Oct 7 14:06:51 2017 cultivarsgnew1503249146 S
Praise:nice BIG PLANTS, good seller!!! GREAT bonus. many thanks!
Clint (471 Sun Oct 8 05:48:28 2017 cultivarsgnew1500841606 S
Praise:Plants arrived as always--excellent! Looking forward to Spring 2018 :-)! -Clint
Benpearl943 (2210 Mon Apr 17 19:14:18 2017 cultivarseover201414952023 S
Praise:Highly Recommend Seller,Great plants, Good Roots System, Thank you very much J !
Mthrnatur (9481 Thu Jun 1 12:03:43 2017 cultivarsgnew1488148076 S
Praise:Absolutely fabulous plants with extra fans and a tremendous bonus!
Pkl47 (1647 Tue Sep 12 12:19:53 2017 cultivarsaintros1502647279 S
Praise:Nice fans!!! Thanks Jammins!!!
Edgeddaylilies (16 Thu Oct 5 06:14:37 2017 cultivarsaintros1503856823 S
Praise:Fast shipping, and the plants more than exceeded my expectations. Great Bonus
Pineycreekgardens (382 Thu Oct 26 12:16:26 2017 cultivarseover201508702160 S
Praise:Plant is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Thanks so much, will buy again soon!!!!!
Samson (2302 Sun Nov 19 07:28:27 2017 cultivarsgnew1505078929 S
Praise:Always an Amazing seller. Always, excceds expectations. Beautiful plants!
Spiderwoman (1088 Thu Sep 22 04:47:32 2016 cultivarseover201472424216 S
Praise:GREAT plants!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!! super !!! Will buy again !!
Spiderwoman (1088 Thu Sep 22 04:46:55 2016 cultivarsgnew1473624992 S
Lilipod (916 Wed Sep 21 16:06:44 2016 cultivarsgnew1473626284 S
Praise:Large. lush, healthy fans of Stenciled Infusion. Thanks for extra fans!
Guy4119 (4) Sun Sep 18 14:57:52 2016 cultivarsgnew1473627477 S
Praise:Excellent plants as alway!!!!!! Beautiful roots and foliage THANK YOU!!!!!!!



Friend me June Marie Benefield Singletary on Facebook and like our Jammin's Daylily Garden page on Facebook to see photos throughout the year. Thanks June 





Bloom Season will be here soon!🙂😉🤩

Dixie Lee 26.06.2022 18:30

Are visitors allowed to walk your gardens? I have a daylily farm and would like to discuss with you what guided your decision to close. Thanks, Dixie

Sharon 24.03.2022 21:15

can i come there and buy some? Or are you closed fr that too?

Elzbieta Ballering 10.11.2020 15:29

When can I place order for spring shipping?

Mary Roberts 21.06.2020 09:02

Can you or do you ship to the U.K.?

Sandy Roberts 21.05.2020 18:52

Dear June, I have a large order that I would like to make with you, but I have a couple of questions first. Please call me at your convenience at 979 235 9080.

Gina Reid 13.04.2020 19:20

Hello June! Just trying to order some of your lililies but not sure I’m doing it right! Can you look at it and help me if I’m doing it wrong? I want bubble bath

Dawn Goninan 30.03.2020 11:12

Where are you located?

June Singletary 31.03.2020 18:52

Lakeland Ga.

Bernice Sturkie 09.03.2020 21:27

Dear June, How much is your daylily “ Bubble Bath” and May I order some of these? Inoted that you have to order via email?Please help.Thank you. Bernice Sturkie

June Singletary 31.03.2020 18:51

junemark@windstream.net is the email to order through

Janet 14.04.2019 11:35

Hi June, I thought I sent you payment through PayPal for the order that I enquired about but I don't see it on my paypal account. Did you get it?

Janet HONG 14.04.2019 16:07

Its Me lol. When do you expect to ship the plants. No hurry, just need to plan for them. Thanks, Janet Hong

June 14.04.2019 12:03

Janet Hong if this is you i did receive payment

Jennifer Lusk 16.10.2018 22:22

Are you still shipping

June Singletary 17.10.2018 01:44

no start back in spring 2019 thank you june

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26.06 | 18:30

Are visitors allowed to walk your gardens? I have a daylily farm and would like to discuss with you what guided your decision to close. Thanks, Dixie

24.03 | 21:15

can i come there and buy some? Or are you closed fr that too?

21.03 | 22:34

I was tapping on the question asking if you ship to Canada? I have your Magnolia Belle and Thunder and White Lightning here in Ontario Canada. Do you?

06.03 | 11:10

How much is this one??