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Hi Daylily Lovers, Please sign our guest book we would love to hear from you..... "Jammin's Daylily Garden is a Dream" come true for us, and we are truly Daylily Addicts now, come join the fun there is nothing else like it, to see new babies bloom for the first time Please don't post anything here not related to the website or daylilies. It will get deleted every time if you do.
Written by Pamela Jakoplic on Jul. 10, 2021
Are your daylilies hardy in zone 5?
Written by Susan Cunningham on Jan. 14, 2021
You are an inspiration! Please advise when you reopen.
Written by L Tuggle on Jul. 1, 2020
Hope to visit your garden one day.
Written by Angie on May. 27, 2020
Hi, your website and pictures are just as beautiful as ever!!! Just a comment on the way the 2020 intros were listed - when the name of the daylily was listed first in prior years, you could see it when you hovered over the thumbnail. It would be great if the 2020 intros were listed that way was well. (Attached a pic of Jammin's Divine Wine blooming in my garden!!!)
Written by Cyndy Hummel, Raleigh, NC on Jan. 13, 2020
Will you still be having your Memorial Day event in May in 2020? I know the Nationals is in Georgia this year.
Written by Amberly Wilson on Jan. 2, 2020
Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! Love your website design! Everything is so easy to find with limited clicks! Great Job!!!
Written by Kay Phillips on Aug. 1, 2019
I have only just learned of your gardens, I am so excited to take somewhat of a virtual tour. Just starting out in the business, Kentucky Petals had its first season just this year! What a wonderful way to spend our days, with these beautiful creations where every day is a new surprise!
Written by Walter Bamlett on May. 15, 2019
My first visit to your website out of curiosity as have Jammin’s Magnolia Bell growing in my beds here in Southern Ontario on the north shoreline of Lake Erie. Lovely bloom and while only two years here, it has taken well to my hardiness zone here in Canada.
Written by Donna & Gordon Hayden on Apr. 3, 2019
Beautiful, beautiful blooms! First time ordering
Written by Ann keiser on Feb. 24, 2019
I'm a organic matter gardener and I've just fell in love with lilies !! So excited to see your website !!!!
Written by Charles and Theresa White on Feb. 23, 2019
A little feedback about your website. Your website is one of the best that have seen and I have visited many over the years. It is a beautiful design and layout. I really like the mouse over feature for more information that you use for your photos. Can you tell me what your Host Provider calls this Feature?
Written by Dybderens on Aug. 2, 2018
Nice website
Written by Mary Ann Duncan on May. 12, 2018
Please add a simple "search" key so that I can find out if you carry PICTORAL PICOTEE daylily
Written by Joan Lanoue on Feb. 8, 2018
Beautiful daylilies---looking for dormants
Written by Ginny Geetings on Jan. 31, 2018
Your daylilies are stunning! Hopefully I can obtain more of them in the future!

Latest comments

26.06 | 18:30

Are visitors allowed to walk your gardens? I have a daylily farm and would like to discuss with you what guided your decision to close. Thanks, Dixie

24.03 | 21:15

can i come there and buy some? Or are you closed fr that too?

21.03 | 22:34

I was tapping on the question asking if you ship to Canada? I have your Magnolia Belle and Thunder and White Lightning here in Ontario Canada. Do you?

06.03 | 11:10

How much is this one??