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Hi Daylily Lovers, Please sign our guest book we would love to hear from you..... "Jammin's Daylily Garden is a Dream" come true for us, and we are truly Daylily Addicts now, come join the fun there is nothing else like it, to see new babies bloom for the first time Please don't post anything here not related to the website or daylilies. It will get deleted every time if you do.
Written by marion baber on Apr. 27, 2014
Just found your web .what I saw looks great!
Will get back on when I have time to appreciat it! I'm new to this kind of daylilies and want to learn more! Thanks!
Written by Dan Miller on Feb. 7, 2014
Glad to find your website! My wife and I lived in Columbus for 7 years. That was before my daylily time. Also glad to have found you onthe daylily auction!!
Written by Linda F. Hassler on Dec. 1, 2013
Enjoyed finding your site...saw your post on FB.....now I know who 'JuneMark' is on the Lily Auction...wonderful!
Written by Marlene Vassallo on Dec. 1, 2013
I have enjoyed looking at your web site during our colder months here in Australia. It brightens up a dull winters day we are now starting our summer so it is out in the garden to see what is bloomming each morning.
Written by Michelle Culpepper on Sep. 28, 2013
I visited Jammin's Daylily Garden on September 2013 with my family and thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of June and Mark and was impressed with the dedication of hard work that goes into making their gardens so organized and beautiful.
Written by Marlene Vassallo on Sep. 19, 2013
How I would love to visit your beautiful gardens in USA
Written by Sue Long on Sep. 9, 2013
Amanda and I are in class together at Wiregrass. She gave me your web address so I could visit, and I love your website. The daylilies are beathtaking!
Written by Clint on Aug. 2, 2013
I would love to come and see y'all. It seems that you have some of the best daylilies around--honestly! They are so beautiful...
Written by Darlene Copeland on May. 15, 2013
Wow, your flowers are beautiful. Ned and I will definitely be visiting soon.
Written by Sally Marcum on May. 4, 2013
What a find. Love your daylilies. I think we will do business frequently. Glad you came to facebook.
Written by Leslie Mauck on May. 1, 2013
Love the site. You're doing great work there. I'll be back to follow your progress.
Written by Alicia Ekvall on Mar. 19, 2013
Very Lovely garden.
Written by Damaris Lane on Mar. 18, 2013
I am a daylilly lover, and I surely love yours!
Written by Jimmy Price on Mar. 15, 2013
Received great plants very big. You sure know how to grow them.
Written by Donna Futch on Mar. 10, 2013
Great website with beautiful photo! The daylilies are gorgeous and I wish I could keep plants alive. Best wishes for great success.

Latest comments

26.06 | 18:30

Are visitors allowed to walk your gardens? I have a daylily farm and would like to discuss with you what guided your decision to close. Thanks, Dixie

24.03 | 21:15

can i come there and buy some? Or are you closed fr that too?

21.03 | 22:34

I was tapping on the question asking if you ship to Canada? I have your Magnolia Belle and Thunder and White Lightning here in Ontario Canada. Do you?

06.03 | 11:10

How much is this one??